Sharing one's photos through websites and apps is today both ubiquitous and an essential part of many people's lives although it is a very recent phenomenon. I discovered "photo sharing" in 2002 through soon after its launch. The site rapidly became a leader in the nascent field, but over the next few years the site's popularity increased to the point that the number of users created demands which its insufficiently scalable architecture could not accommodate, and it foundered. However badly may have ended, the Thames and Hudson publication [2006], provides a window into the impressive width and breadth of its users' visual creativity in the early years of the site. In 2004,  Flickr launched as one of many competing sites, and many disenchanted Fotolog users, self included, were early adopters. Since that time I have posted a wide variety of my images on the site, sometimes with a long hiatus between posts, but always maintaining some connection to the site and other users, some of whom I have known from the Fotolog days and have interacted with in person. Flickr in its turn has undergone any number of transformations, but in my opinion it remains an active and vibrant site on which to view and be viewed and I continue to enjoy participating in the flow of images there.